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A Lesson in Adaptability with Volvo Midsized Excavators

Midsized crawler excavators – those that range from 15-35 tons and around 120 to 170hp, provide a great balance between agility and power. Their capability to handle both small-scale tasks and larger, more intricate projects makes them a valuable asset for any construction team. Combine this versatile size with Volvo’s durability, fuel-efficiency, safety, and advanced technology, and you are ready to tackle any sized job site. Whether you’re an experienced contractor aiming to expand your workload or a new business looking to enter the industry, recognizing the adaptability of medium excavators is essential for unlocking a multitude of opportunities.




Small-Scale Jobs – Volvo EC140E, ECR145E

Midsized excavators offer the precise movement needed for the smaller scale projects, while giving you plenty of power to get the job done. These projects include:

  • Residential Construction: Digging foundation trenches, grading land, and creating holes for swimming pools.
  • Residential Utility Work: Installing sewer and water laterals, conducting repairs on sewage systems, and excavating holes for posts or pylons.
  • Landscaping: Digging trenches for irrigation systems, constructing garden elements, excavating ponds, and clearing small areas of land.

Medium-Scale Jobs – Volvo EC160E, EC200E

Have a larger site? The medium sized class has you covered for projects such as:

  • Commercial construction: Digging building foundations, creating parking lots, and prepping sites for new structures.
  • Roadwork: Digging ditches, installing culverts, and excavating for road enlarging projects.
  • Site Preparation: Preparing the work site for larger developments like housing complexes, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities.

Large-Scale Jobs – Volvo EC220E, ECR235E

Working on the largest scale projects? Midsized excavators are great at playing a supporting role, so don’t overlook their performance capabilities.

  • Major infrastructure projects: Can assist with excavation, foundation work, and earth moving on heavy duty infrastructure projects like bridges, dams, and tunnels.
  • Demolition: Prepared to tackle low-rise demolition projects for dismantling and cleanup. Can be fitted with factory-fit guarding packages and have specialized attachments such as shears, hammers, and grapples

Midsized excavators are highly versatile options for both single operators and large contracting companies. They can easily adapt to different job sizes, making them valuable additions to any fleet. You can check out our range of midsized Volvo excavators here.

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