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The Most Powerful and Reliable in the Industry

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Powerful. Versatile. Dependable. Low Operating Costs.

Shuttlewagon offers the most powerful and reliable railcar movers in the industry. Equipped with the latest technology for maximum operator comfort and safety.

Shuttlewagon’s advanced system achieves better traction than a steel wheel. Unlike a weight transfer machine with complicated hydraulics, Shuttlewagon rides on rubber tires and is guided by steel wheels. As a result, Shuttlewagon reduces vibration and rides smoother while extending component life and increasing operator comfort. Couple into the industry standard locomotive style AAR coupler and connect the air hose. Within seconds, you are moving railcars with controlled precision and without the loss of pulling capacity or weight when coupled directly to an empty railcar.

Since 1939, McClung-Logan has been the leading provider of heavy equipment in the Mid-Atlantic region. Contact one of our nine full-service locations in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia to talk to one of our sales experts about purchasing or renting a mobile railcar mover.

A Revolution in Railcar Movers

The following innovative Shuttlewagon® features allow you to move railcars with controlled precision.

Rubber-Tire Drive:

  • Significantly increase traction & braking as compared to steel wheel drive.
  • Increase shock absorption with pneumatic tire cushioning.
  • Reduce overall maintenance costs.

Direct AAR Locomotive Coupling:

  • Does not require lifting of the railcar to borrow weight.
  • Eliminates the risk of operator error from lifting the railcar too high.
  • Eliminates complicated hydraulic coupler maintenance.
  • No double coupling required to maximize tractive effort.
  • No reduction in pulling capacity when coupled to an empty railcar.

The Shuttlewagon® Product Line

Powerful. Versatile. Dependable. Low Operating Costs.

The Navigator Series incorporates the most advanced technologies available to ensure safety and reliability are never compromised.

  • NVX5025 – Flagship Shuttlewagon. Cost effective efficiency.
  • NVX6030 – Industry work-horse. Expanding the mobile railcar mover category with 40,000+ pounds of single couple tractive effort without weight-transfer.
  • NVX7035 – With 50,000lbs of single, non-weight transfer coupling the NVX7035 clearly separates Shuttlewagon from the rest of the industry.
  • NVX8040 – The model that started it all. Originally introduced as the SWX840, the NVX8040 set standard for expanding the mobile railcar mover category in 2011.
  • ELECTRIC NAVIGATOR – North America’s first all-electric mobile railcar mover and the world’s only Li-Ion powered railcar mover.

The Commander Series is powerful, versatile, and dependable. Equipped with the latest technology for maximum operator comfort and safety. The Commander Series shares many of the same features as the larger Navigator but comes in a smaller package.

  • SWX315 – Entry level Shuttlewagon.
  • SWX420 – Flagship model of the Commander Series.
  • SWX525 – Largest Commander Series model. Designed to compete with Trackmobile ® Titan and Rail King™ RK 330 models.

The compact electric series are easy to operate, require low maintenance, and are efficient and powerful enough to handle the most demanding applications.

  • SWXe
  • SWXe-16
  • SWXe-25
  • SWXe-32
  • SWXe-50
  • SWXe-90
  • SWXe-120
  • SWXe-160
  • NVX-E

Let McClung-Logan Be Your Mobile Railcar Mover Experts

For over 80 years, McClung-Logan has been the leading supplier of heavy equipment in the Mid-Atlantic region. We’ve developed our reputation due to the commitment we make to our clients. Your ongoing success is our top priority, and our expert personnel is dedicated to helping you identify the perfect mobile railcar mover for your specific needs.

When you partner with McClung-Logan, you’ll benefit from our Simply Done Right Service Pledge which was created to ensure you maximize your uptime and profitability. This pledge gives you peace of mind that you’ll have a dedicated partner that is truly invested in your business.

To learn how McClung-Logan can help your business increase productivity and prosper, please contact us for a quote on a mobile railcar mover for sale or rent at one of our nine full-service locations across Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.