Articulated Haulers

Maximize Profitability and Productivity With Volvo

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McClung-Logan: Volvo Articulated Haulers Dealer

Articulated Haulers Dealer

We exclusively sell, rent and service the class-leading Volvo articulated haulers. With the variety of models available, we can match you with the best machine for your business. That’s an essential part of our Simply Done Right Service Pledge, matching your business needs with the machine that will maximize your profitability. Partnering with our customers is how we’ve remained the leading provider of heavy equipment in the Mid-Atlantic region since 1939. We all prosper together.

To learn how McClung-Logan can help your business increase productivity and prosper, please contact us for a quote on an articulated hauler for sale or rent at one of our nine full-service locations across Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. Each location specializes in transporting equipment that can comply with local traffic authorities to safely navigate tunnels and bridges.

Applications for Articulated Haulers

Articulated haulers are powerful trucks that are excellent for transporting cargo across rough, slippery, or steep terrain. With all-wheel drive, a low center of gravity, and a tight turning radius, articulated haulers are ideal for any off-road application, such as:

  • General Construction.
  • Mining & Aggregates.
  • Heavy Highway & Bridge Work.
  • Government & Municipalities.
  • Waste Management & Scrap.
  • Demolition.

With customizable body options, the potential range of applications is nearly infinite.

Volvo Articulated Haulers for Sale or Rent

We offer a variety of Volvo articulated haulers for rent and sale so you can get the size that’s right for you. These include:

  • Volvo A60H.
  • Volvo A45GFS.
  • Volvo A45G.
  • Volvo A40G.
  • Volvo A35G.
  • Volvo A30G.
  • Volvo A25G.

Take a closer look at our Volvo articulated haulers and let McClung-Logan help you find the right fit for your business.

Advantages Offered by Volvo Articulated Trucks

At McClung-Logan, we choose to offer Volvo articulated trucks because the benefits they offer improve the profitability of our clients. These benefits include:

  • Efficient operation.
  • Operator assistance.
  • Haul Assist.
  • Operator comfort.
  • Increased uptime.
  • Rapid body switching.
  • Retained value.

These advantages help you to maximize profitability and productivity in your operation.

Rigid Hauler

Rigid haulers allow you to transport large quantities of abrasive materials and rocks over long hauls across flat terrain in quarries and mines. The most defining characteristic of a rigid dump truck is that the cab and the dump body sits atop a fixed chassis. The steering is based on a traditional rack-and-pinion steering that features a rear-wheel-drive system. The truck has a single front steering axle and one to two rear axles. This enables the truck to handle more weight without impacting its power.

Why Choose McClung-Logan for Your Articulated Hauler

Since 1939, McClung-Logan has been the leading provider of heavy equipment in the Mid-Atlantic region. You don’t build that kind of longevity by creating unhappy customers. We have an impeccable legacy of outstanding quality products and service. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied.

We’ve defined our commitment to customers with our unique Simply Done Right Service Pledge. We are committed to helping your business become more profitable. Our equipment experts will match you with the best machine for your business by helping you find new or used equipment for sale or rent that’s perfect for your application.

We deliver equipment quickly from our extensive inventory, but our commitment doesn’t end at delivery. We’re available 24/7 to help you make the most of your machine. Choose the type of communication that suits you best: phone, text, or email. We help keep you up and running. When your equipment goes down, we strive to provide rapid service and get you back to work as quickly as possible.

Want an articulated truck that can help your company be more productive and profitable? Please contact us today. McClung-Logan has nine full-service locations in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.