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With the tremendous variety of wheel loaders out there, it can be hard to find the right one for your business. That’s where McClung-Logan can help. We’ll work with you to find the perfect heavy equipment for your needs. That’s how we’ve remained the leading heavy equipment supplier in the Mid-Atlantic region since 1939: matching companies with the equipment that will help them thrive. It’s our Simply Done Right Service Pledge: we’re committed to making your business more profitable. We’ll match you with a wheel loader for rent or sale that will improve your productivity, then help you maximize your value and minimize your downtime.

Want to learn how the right wheel loader can give your business the edge? Please contact us at one of our nine full-service locations in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.

Types of Wheel Loaders We Sell and Rent

At McClung-Logan, we supply a wide range of wheel loaders, including:

  • Large wheel loaders.
  • Compact wheel loaders.
  • Swing loaders.
  • Telescopic loaders.
  • Articulated loaders.

Large wheel loaders and compact loaders differ primarily in their size, but can perform a multitude of tasks. Large wheel loaders may have an operating weight over 20 tons, while a compact loader may weigh less than five tons.

Swing loaders don’t just use articulation to swing the boom around. Instead of articulating the body, the boom rotates independently, letting the loader reach down or up in a different direction than the body is facing. Four-wheel steering gives a swing wheel loader a tiny turning radius.

A telescopic loader has a boom that can lengthen to improve reach, especially for stacking or pallet handling operations.

Wheel Loader Applications

Almost every work site will benefit from having a wheel loader. Wheel loaders perform numerous critical tasks in many industries, including:

  • Heavy & Compact Construction.
  • Mining & Quarrying.
  • Demolition.
  • Forestry.
  • Agricultural & Farming.
  • Landscaping & Hardscaping.
  • Government & Municipalities.
  • Roads & Bridges.
  • Waste Management & Scrap.

With the tremendous variation in size and attachments, there is a loader suited for nearly every industry.

Large Wheel Loaders

Large wheel loaders are versatile machines that can take on most any task with a wide range of perfectly matched attachments.

  • Volvo is leader in the large wheel loader market. Whether you work in a mine, quarry, block or material handling, municipal or building construction, or waste management, a Volvo wheel loader will be the most versatile machine on your jobsite. Quality is key at Volvo, which is why only the best components, technology and systems are used in the Volvo wheel loaders. Smarter, faster and tougher, a Volvo wheel loader is a great investment for your business.
  • Mecalac has been developing and producing high-quality and innovative wheel loaders for decades. Mecalac offers five types of stable and powerful wheel loaders: multifunctional loaders, swing loaders, articulated loaders, wheel loaders, and telescopic loaders. This robust line of machinery offers a very wide range of possibilities to meet the great diversity of construction sites.

Compact Wheel Loaders

These machines feature a compact design for maneuvering in tight spaces with minimal damage to lawns and other sensitive surfaces. We offer compact wheel loaders by best manufacturers in the business:

  • Avant articulated loaders are true workhorses in even the smallest of spaces. These compact loaders excel at backyard, farm, and field work, where units can carry small pallets of block or landscape materials with minimal turf disturbance because of the unit’s articulation. Their compact size means they fit on most sidewalks and walking paths for snow removal and general debris cleanup. They are super easy to transport. Over 200 attachments enable maximum usage–one machine doing the job of many.
  • Volvo compact wheel loaders are built for working in tough conditions and are perfect for those in-between jobs where a skid-steer is too small and a standard wheel loader is too big. Our selection includes the Volvo L20H, L25H, L30G, L35G, L45H, and L50H compact wheel loaders, all with fuel-efficient engines, to meet your worksite demands.
  • Takeuchi compact wheel loaders are rugged, dependable and productive. They provide incredible reach and dump height for outstanding material handling that make them suitable for a wide variety of applications. Excellent power, precise control, lower operational and maintenance costs result in increased productivity and minimal downtime.

Let McClung-Logan Find Your Perfect Wheel Loader

Since 1939, McClung-Logan has been the leading supplier of heavy equipment in the Mid-Atlantic region. The secret to our success is that we don’t just sell, rent and service equipment, we work with our customers to ensure that the equipment they get helps them succeed. That way, our businesses can grow and prosper together.

That’s why we have our Simply Done Right Service Pledge. From your first contact with one of our knowledgeable representatives, we’ll be working to make your business more profitable. We know you’re on a tight timeline, and when you need equipment now, we work to supply it quickly from our extensive inventory. Nor does our commitment end at delivery. We’re available 24/7, and we can communicate however you prefer – phone, text, or email – to ensure you get a timely response. We work to minimize your downtime with rapid service and the availability of loaner equipment so you can keep working while repairs are done.

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To get a quote on the best wheel loader for your business, please contact us today. McClung-Logan has nine full-service locations in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.