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Excavators are powerful, versatile machines that are critical to your company’s bottom line. Excavators play an important role in many industries, including: the mining, quarrying, aggregate, agriculture, construction, utility, waste management, and demolition industries.

With such a large role in your business, it’s critical to match your excavator to your needs. Selecting the right excavator will improve your jobsite efficiency and overall profitability.

Since 1939, McClung-Logan has been the leading provider of heavy equipment in the Mid-Atlantic region. Contact one of our nine full-service locations in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia to speak to one of our sales experts about finding the best excavator for your business.

The Ultimate Takeuchi Excavator Sales Event

With 0% interest for up to 48 months and a 3 year/3000 hour full machine warranty, now is the time to Dig Deep & Save Big on any Takeuchi excavator model.

Contact the Territory Manager in your area or Mark McCarty at 540.379.9576 for more info.

Types of Excavators We Sell, Rent, and Service

At McClung-Logan we offer a full range of excavators, including those models that every job site needs as well as specialty machines for more unique situations.

We sell, rent, and service: large crawler excavators, medium crawler excavators, long-reach demolition excavators, customized excavators for waste management work, wheeled excavators, compact excavators, reduced tail-swing excavators, electric excavators and, rail-road excavators.

Large Crawler Excavators

Volvo’s industry leading class of large crawler excavators begins at 25 or 30 Tons (50,000 or 60,000 lbs.) and goes up from there. Consider large excavators when you need to dig deeper, reach higher, and lift larger loads. Our large excavators can be equipped many different ways and can include setups for mass excavation or pipe handling. 3D GPS machine control from “Hemisphere” can also be added for precision excavation.

Medium Crawler Excavators

Volvo offers the most versatile range of medium crawler excavators on the market. These machines range from 15 – 25 tons (30,000 – 50,000 lbs.) and can tackle many tasks including land clearing, pipe-laying, and precision grading. McClung-Logan can work with you to provide a multitude of attachments to make life a little easier while tacking your next project. Even though they officially fall into the compact excavator class, both  Takeuchi’s and Mecalac’s largest machines are considered medium-sized excavators.

Compact Excavators

Compact excavators are small excavators. This typically refers to excavators that weigh less than 10 tons (20,000 lbs). These machines are designed for work sites where space is limited Compact excavators are flexible and very useful for many tasks, including landscaping, road work, indoor work, sewer repair, and irrigation. They known to be versatile, simple to operate, fuel efficient, easy to transport, and reduce noise pollution.

Wheeled Excavators

Wheeled excavators are best when mobility matters most. Wheeled excavators can be used off-road or on-road, giving them the ability to drive directly on the road to your worksite site without the assistance of low-boy to haul it. Both Gradall and Volvo wheeled excavators reach highway speeds, reducing overall project times. They are also ideal for working on finished surfaces where crawler excavators can cause significant damage.

McClung-Logan’s lineup of wheeled excavators can be considered the next multi-tool for your jobsite. These machines can be equipped with many different boom and outrigger configurations. Our wheeled excavators are now available in reduced tail-swing and compact variations to make working in tight spots a little easier. Make sure to check out what we have to offer from the industry leaders, Volvo. Gradall, and Mecalac.

Make McClung-Logan Your Excavator Partner

For more than 80 years, McClung-Logan has been the leading supplier of heavy equipment in the Mid-Atlantic region. We have achieved such long-lasting success because of our commitment to our clients. We know that we prosper when you prosper, so our expert personnel is dedicated to helping you match with the perfect excavator for the types of projects you typically work.

That’s our Simply Done Right Service Pledge: we maximize your uptime and profitability. This means that we are invested in you and your business. We are available 24/7, and can communicate however you like: phone, text, or email. We get your equipment or parts to you quickly from our extensive inventory and back up our equipment with a committed and manufacturer-trained service team. We work quickly to minimize your downtime and may even offer loaner equipment when yours is in the shop. We know you have a timetable to keep, and we’ll help you keep to it.

Learn More About Attachments

To get a quote on an excavator and learn availability, contact a member of our sales team today at one of our nine full-service locations in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia.