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New Volvo A25G & A30G Articulated Haulers Reinvent A Classic

Articulated haulers from Volvo Construction Equipment have often been copied, but never beaten. And with the new G-Series, the Volvo proven concept is even better, with new features for optimized productivity. Since their debut in 1966, Volvo articulated haulers have stood as the construction equipment industry’s gold standard and the leader in off-road productivity. The new Volvo G-Series articulated haulers carry on that tradition, with new features designed to improve comfort and productivity. Robust and reliable, the new A25G and A30G articulated haulers are suited to a wide variety of applications in quarries, mining and earthmoving.

Steady and reliable

The powerful, new turbocharged six-cylinder Volvo engines have been redesigned to adhere to stringent Tier 4 Final emissions regulations. The Volvo drivetrain and a unique inline drop-box designed for high ground clearance are purpose-built to ensure perfect harmony and optimized performance. The drivetrain’s unique design delivers high rimpull, lowers fuel consumption and provides reliability in heavy-duty applications. The proven concept of oil-cooled wet multiple disc brakes on the A35 and A40 models is now being introduced on the A25G and A30G, reducing maintenance costs and increasing uptime, even on muddy or dusty jobsites. The retardation system controls downhill hauling speeds using wheel brakes and the Volvo engine brake.

To keep the G-Series sure-footed in even the most demanding jobsites, automatic traction control (ATC) and unique differential locks are standard. The unique ATC system automatically switches between drive combinations of 6 x 6 and 6 x 4 to ensure lower fuel consumption or maximum traction when needed. If necessary, all differentials can be 100 percent locked, causing all wheels to rotate at the same speed for maximized traction in slippery conditions.

The maintenance-free rotating hitch that connects the tractor to the trailer enables high ground clearance, boosting accessibility and drivability in tough conditions and maximizing uptime.

The centrally positioned ROPS/FOPS-equipped Volvo Care Cab gives the operator a commanding view of the jobsite, and ergonomically positioned controls are designed for ease of use. An optional air-suspended seat, optional armrests and head restraints, and low noise levels further increase operator comfort and productivity.

Without a threshold to cross, the cab can be easily and safely entered through a wide-opening door. And the G-Series climate control system comes with the cleanest air filtration system in the industry for clearer breathing, even on dusty jobsites.

Managed Maintenance

The G-Series provides machine owners, operators and technicians with access to a wealth of data that promotes greater uptime — thereby lowering costs and increasing productivity. These machines come fitted as standard with CareTrack®, the Volvo telematics system. Accessed remotely, CareTrack provides machine information such as fuel consumption and service reminders that allow improved planning and operation.

The machine monitors operation, and the MATRIS system collects this information, helping to optimize performance and fuel efficiency by tracking activity and identifying areas for improvement. It also allows machine owners to collect the same data as CareTrack, even if CareTrack is not available in their area. The Contronics system continuously monitors fluid levels and relays diagnostic information to a screen in the cab, providing warning messages to alert the operator to problems early on, reducing downtime and promoting operator safety.

Volvo leads the industry in service access, and the G-Series is no exception. G-Series articulated haulers are designed for safe and easy maintenance, with a front grill that swings down and functions as a service platform with anti-slip steps. The engine compartment has a 90-degree tilting hood for easy access to filters and service points. On the new models, the hydraulic tank, after-treatment system, muffler, fuel tank and refueling pipe have all been relocated to more intuitive locations, allowing for even easier maintenance.