Robust Telematics Services and Digital Tools

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McClung-Logan ConnectedCare Services

We offer robust telematics services and digital tools from some of the best manufacturers in the business to drive customer performance.

Our ConnectedCare systems can help you track the maintenance status of every machine you have in the field on an ongoing basis so that you can get ahead of possible breakdowns and work stoppages. These systems also use the latest GPS and sensor technologies to help you and your operators optimize machine performance and job/machine productivity.

ConnectedCare systems are an essential component of our exclusive Simply Done Right Service™ pledge which has been created to make your business more profitable. As your trusted heavy equipment partner, we’re committed to going above and beyond in order to ensure the ongoing success of your business.

Volvo Equipment Data Systems

As a premier supplier of Volvo heavy equipment, we offer a wide range of telematics and digital services to assist with just about any Volvo machine you may have.

Using Volvo’s integrated CoPilot display, a number of excellent apps are available that provide real-time data to help increase the safety and efficiency of your machine and your operation.

Volvo’s Dig Assist machine control system for excavators uses the latest and most advanced sensor and GPS technology to deliver the accurate information you need in real time. This intelligence system helps your operators optimize their performance and maximize the productivity of your machinery.

  • Active Control – Automated boom and bucket movements improve the accuracy and efficiency of the digging process.
  • Start – Real-time data helps your operators determine when target depth/slope levels have been achieved, allowing for greater accuracy, faster completion times, and higher productivity.
  • In-Field Design – GNSS and RTK navigation technology provides accuracy down to the centimeter on excavation jobs. This technology improves your ability to dig trenches and more complicated 3D shapes and eliminates the need for surveyors to mark out the excavation site.
  • 3D – You’ll gain access to industry-leading 3D solutions suppliers and have the ability to import design profiles from external sources for project execution.
  • On-Board Weighing – Receive real-time data regarding the bucket’s load. You can set limits for each truck/hauler type for optimal loading. You’ll also receive data regarding the total number of buckets unloaded in a predefined truck loading zone and total tonnage moved per shift or day.


Haul Assist gives you access to a variety of technology tools that will help you optimize the performance of your Volvo articulated haulers and boost your profitability.

  • On-Board Weighing – Take control of your production and achieve peak productivity with real-time data regarding the payload of your articulated hauler.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Monitor the pressure and temperature of your tires from the cab to optimize the life of your tires.


Load Assist is the perfect tool for your Volvo wheel loader that will help you increase the efficiency of your operation while optimizing the performance of your wheel loader.

  • On-Board Weighing – Say goodbye to guesswork while loading your customers with Volvo’s fully dynamic load weighing system. The system helps to eliminate overloading, underloading, reweighing, and increased wait times.
  • Operator Coaching – Use your machine to its full potential with the Operator Coaching application. This app provides real-time guidance to the operator, helping them become more efficient while increasing the life of your machine.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System – Volvo’s tire pressure monitoring system can increase the life of your tires and improve your fuel efficiency by alerting you when your tires are not at the correct pressures.


Compact Assist provides robust technology to help boost the efficiency and profitability of your Volvo compactors. Your operators will have access to clear information and insights that will allow them to confidently monitor the progress of their work.

Features for asphalt compactors include:

  • Pass Mapping – Your operators will have a clear view of their stop points and overlaps. This technology guides your operators through a uniform rolling pattern, allowing them to quickly and efficiently make adjustments that avoid over or under compaction.
  • Temperature Mapping – Your operators can set the maximum/minimum pavement temperature ranges, and they’ll have access to a color-coded map of surface temperatures to avoid compacting at a mix temperature that is too hot or cold.
  • Density Direct – Receive a real-time estimate of material density percentage to accurately measure the quality of the pavement as the job is being completed.

Features for soil compactors include:

  • Pass Mapping – Easily view the areas you’ve already completed and the areas where compaction is still required. This saves time and prevents unnecessary work, which is especially beneficial when jobsites are very large.
  • Stiffness Mapping – Your operator will be able to clearly see when a compaction project has been correctly completed across the jobsite. This mapping system will also detect any buried infrastructure and identify areas for improvement.


ActiveCare Direct and CareTrack Telematics Systems

You also have access to a wealth of real-time data that will ensure all the machines in your fleet keep running smoothly. There are two options available:

  • CareTrack – CareTrack provides detailed, machine-specific data and reports on how each machine is being used and how efficiently your operators are working. This information will help you optimize your fleet and maximize productivity. You’ll have access to data on fuel consumption, machine utilization, excessive idling, and a variety of other useful items that will help your business be more productive and profitable.
  • ActiveCare Direct – Volvo also provides a higher-tiered service called ActiveCare Direct. This service leverages all of the data contained in the CareTrack telematics system, but Volvo’s team of data analysts will monitor the data in real-time and alert McClung-Logan immediately if a machine requires attention, ensuring we’re able to respond promptly and minimize your downtime. With ActiveCare Direct, you also receive a monthly fleet utilization report containing information that can help you identify opportunities to improve worksite efficiency, minimize unexpected downtime, and detect potential issues before they arise.

Volvo Map

Being able to monitor traffic and follow the transportation flow in a work cycle allows operators to better anticipate driving decisions, resulting in more efficient performance. Knowing the position of machines, vehicles, and visitors on-site can help operators avoid unwanted situations, especially when working on jobsites with restricted visibility. Speed limit notifications further remind operators to maintain the recommended speed.

Takeuchi Fleet Management System

We also offer robust telematics services for Takeuchi excavators and compact track loaders. You’ll benefit from greater insight into the health of your equipment. This real-time information will help minimize costly repairs and optimize the performance of your equipment.

Takeuchi Fleet Management offers a wide range of valuable features, including:

  • Remote diagnostics that capture run hours and equipment data to reduce service trips.
  • Utilization tracking that enables your operators to make decisions based on actual equipment use and know when maintenance appointments must be scheduled.
  • Precise data that helps your team identify problems as soon as they arise and ensures the service technician arrives with the correct tools to repair your equipment properly the first time.

MyMecalac Connected Services

The MyMecalac telematics system allows you to access complete usage data for your Mecalac machines. This real-time equipment data will help you optimize machine performance, minimize downtime, and maximize productivity. You’ll receive a wealth of information, including:

  • Fuel consumption data.
  • Productivity data.
  • Service reminders.
  • Maintenance alerts.
  • Remote diagnostics.
  • Geofencing capabilities.

This information will help you manage your fleet remotely and identify equipment in need of immediate maintenance so that you can stay ahead of costly breakdowns.

Hemisphere GNSS

Hemisphere GNSS’ next-generation construction products deliver advanced turnkey solutions to accurately and efficiently manage your data and take control of your machines and job sites.

  • GradeMetrix: Hemisphere GNSS’ machine guidance solution for high-precision GNSS-based machine control and guidance applications and systems. Hemisphere’s GradeMetrix portfolio includes solution offerings for dozer and excavator earth-moving applications. Whether it is grading, mining, excavating, or compaction applications, GradeMetrix solutions provide superior performance at an exceptional value.
  • Leading Hardware: Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), system integrators, and end-users rely on Hemisphere’s machine control and guidance solutions for construction, mining, forestry, specialty machines, and any other applications requiring high-precision satellite positioning and heading. Build your machine control and guidance systems by integrating our multi-GNSS, multi-frequency, L-band capable hardware. Hemisphere offers rugged GNSS receivers and smart antennas for high-precision positioning and heading, intelligent and rugged tablets and control boxes for in-cab system management, unprecedented software options, in addition to our Atlas GNSS global correction service and other advanced technology features.

Trust McClung-Logan to Be Your Heavy Equipment Partner

You count on your heavy equipment to run at peak levels in order to ensure your business is successful. The data we supply through our ConnectedCare services will ensure you’re armed with the information you need to get the most out of your heavy equipment.

This is just one of the many ways McClung-Logan strives to deliver industry leading customer service. We view our partnership with your business as a relationship built on trust, and we always go the extra mile to ensure you receive the exceptional service you deserve.

By providing this data, our team can ensure you’re always aware of the performance of each piece of equipment in your fleet. Our team will monitor this data and alert you when an issue arises that must be addressed. We’re always available 24/7 to help keep your equipment running at peak levels. When service is required, we’ll work hard to get all repairs done as quickly as possible to minimize downtime.

Contact Us today to learn more about the telematics services we offer. McClung-Logan has 10 full-service locations in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.